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The most photographed mountains in North America are right here in Aspen! Located 10 miles from Aspen, driving up Maroon Creek Road, they are not to be missed, whether you are visiting Aspen for an hour or 3 months they are sure to be a highlight of your trip. Their accessibility  by car is limited, so see below on how to get there:

Spring 2017: Maroon Creek Road is currently closed.

Maroon Creek Road typically closes to vehicular traffic in mid-November for the winter season

Seasonal road closure and camping info: 


US Forest Service
(970) 925-3445


In the winter, getting to the Maroon Bells can be quite an adventure.  Since Maroon Creek Road is closed to vehicular traffic the only way to get there is to cross country ski or go on a snowmobile tour run by T-Lazy 7 Ranch. Either way you choose will be an incredible experience with unparalleled views. 

Maroon Creek Road typically does not open until after Memorial Day

Public Bus
$8 per person

Private Vehicles
Before 8am/after 5pm
$10 per vehicle

Aspen Highlands (Parking Limited)
8am - 5pm
$5 per vehicle


Castle/Maroon RFTA Bus
Every 20 mins on the hour

From mid-June to October 2nd, the Maroon Bells can only be accessed by public bus between the hours of 8am and 5pm. You are welcome to drive your own car before 8am and after 5pm or if you have a child, age 2 and under, in a car seat (other exceptions apply*). Please be prepared to pay a $10 per vehicle fee should you choose to drive. Take Maroon Creek Road from the roundabout on HWY 82 just outside of Aspen heading west. If you drive up to the Bells prior to 8am you will be able to use your car on the road to return to town. Once past the Welcome Center, you would not be able to access the Maroon Bells again until after 5pm.

The Maroon Bells bus can be accessed at Aspen Highlands which is just 2 miles up Maroon Creek Road on the left-hand side. There is limited parking available at Aspen Highlands for $5 per vehicle. Purchase bus tickets for $8 inside of Four Mountain Sports. Buses depart every half hour. 

If you don't have your own car you can also take the Castle/Maroon RFTA bus from Rubey Park Transportation Center in downtown Aspen. This bus is free and departs every 20 minutes starting on the hour. Take the Castle/Maroon bus to Aspen Highlands and then transfer to the Maroon Bells Bus. 

*Exceptions to the no car rule are:

Vehicles People Campgrounds

Valid Handicap placard

Handicap license plates

Disability license plates

Permanently disabled national pass

Horse trailers

Holders with Special Use Permits issued by the Forest Service

Infants that require a restraining child seat (2 or younger)

Booster seats do not qualify

11 people or more, in same vehicle, $3/person


Silver Bar

Silver Bell

Silver Queen

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