Q&A with Adam Trent: The Next Generation of Magic In Aspen

Broadway, TV star and well-known magician Adam Trent is making an appearance in Aspen at the Wheeler Opera House on Thursday, December 29. We caught up with Adam to find out what made him interested in magic and what audiences can expect at his upcoming show in Aspen.

How did you get started in Magic?

AT: I began when I was 9 years old. I saw David Copperfield with my whole family and it was the first time that I remember 3 generations of family being equally entertained by something. Later that year I got a book on magic from my Aunt and I was instantly hooked.

How did you end up where you are now? What was the timeline?

AT: I started performing for children’s birthday parties every weekend when I was 10, and performed at my first corporate event at 14. After college I street performed for a solid year before getting booked on cruise ships where I did about 250 shows in 19 countries per year for several years. After leaving cruise ships, I entered the college show circuit where I performed at hundreds of colleges around the US, and was honored to be voted ‘Best Small Venue Artist’ shortly after entering the market. After a few years of touring the college circuit, I was able to transition to theatres because of  the TV appearances I had landed on the Disney Channel and others. In 2013 I joined ‘The Illusionists’ for it’s world debut at the Sydney Opera House, and inaugurated their first Broadway debut in 2014. Now that I’ve completed the first 2 years of Broadway runs, I’ve returned to doing what I do best and love the most- my solo show. 

You inaugurated the first 2 Broadway runs of ‘The Illusionists’, what was Broadway like?

AT: Broadway is the dream of any performer, no matter what art form. That being said, I never really set my sights on Broadway growing up, because it’s not something magicians really ever get to do, so I didn’t even think it was a feasible option. There have only been a handful of magicians in history that have done it (Doug Henning in the 1970’s and David Copperfield in the 1990’s), so when the opportunity came up, I jumped at it. I very seldom get nervous before live shows anymore, but opening night of Broadway (when all the reviewers were there) definitely got my blood pumping.

Magic seems to be hot right now, why is that?

AT: It comes down to the fact that there is a lot of good magic on TV and online lately, and when people see good magic, they want to see more. Magic goes through high and low periods like any other genre of arts, though it’s certainly hotter than I can remember it being in the last decade or so.

What makes you different from other magicians?

AT: I combine magic with music, comedy, audience participation, and technology that we are all familiar with. I try to make magic entertaining first, and tricky second. I really put a lot of trust in my audience, as the majority of my show uses volunteers from the audience on stage. I think the audience would agree that it’s really a variety show that uses magic as the driving force.

What can audiences expect?

AT: Audience participation, laughter, music, and of course magic. Whether they’ve seen a magic show before or not, they’ll see some cutting edge magic along with a new spin on some classic concepts.

You have a TV show coming up in 2017, can you tell us about it?

AT: It’s on the RedBull Network, and will be released around April 2017. I traveled to 12 countries to film 10 episodes where I use my magic to gain access into once in a lifetime experiences with interesting people and cultures that tourists would never find unless they really went deep off the beaten path.

How can we get a sneak peak of the show?

AT: I’ve got videos on YouTube and on my website.


Catch Adam at the Wheeler Opera House Thursday, Dec. 29 at 4:30 p.m. Purchase tickets in advance at the Wheeler box office or online here. You can also follow Adam Trent on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @AdamTrentMagic and can find more information at www.AdamTrent.com