Group & Event Planning

Free Planning Services and Support

The sales team at the Aspen Chamber Resort Association welcomes the opportunity to find the perfect setting for your social group event or wedding in Aspen. Complimentary planning services include sourcing venues and hotels, group activities and local vendor referrals. Our local knowledge and expertise is available to streamline your planning process and make it easier than ever to plan a social event or wedding in Aspen. We are here to help you craft a celebration that will defy ordinary.

Social Groups

Aspen’s welcoming atmosphere makes it a great destination for many groups looking for quality time together and a memorable experience. Social groups may include family or school reunions, large tour groups of all ages, special interest clubs, student groups and ski clubs. These groups may also include religious gatherings, whether formal or informal, fraternal orders and military groups, or educational organizations. The Aspen Chamber Resort Association can provide information to these groups about group lodging, suitable venues, customized adventures, and travel tips.

Our itinerary ideas can be tailored to any group size or interest. Check out some of our local's tips to brainstorm what your group might enjoy on their trip to Aspen. 

Getting Here

Accessed by air with non-stop routes from Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, Aspen Pitkin County Airport (ASE) is just a 10-minute shuttle transfer to the downtown core, where the preferred method of transportation is walking. Every venue in Aspen is easy to access, and the community encourages visitors to be car-free.

For those looking to explore beyond the Aspen core, the Roaring Fork Transit Authority (RFTA) bus system is free and easy to use. Aspen also recently added We-Cycle, a community bike sharing program, perfect for meeting attendees to experience the world of Aspen on two wheels.

For more information on transportation to and around Aspen click here. For an interactive map click here.

Group Activities

Celebrate your time with family and friends with an exciting adventure in Aspen. Hiking, biking, golf, horseback riding, fly-fishing and whitewater rafting are available in spring, summer and fall. In winter, snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh rides, snowmobiling and, of course, world-class skiing and snowboarding. As a globally recognized wellness destination, Aspen is at the forefront of clean eating, athletic training and body renewal. From luxury spas to boutique yoga studios and personal instructors, our wellness professionals offer the best in health and fitness, and are at the cutting edge of the latest techniques and trends.

Dining and Nightlife

Aspen is home to 100 restaurants and bars located within walking distance of our meeting hotels and venues. In any season, dining and nightlife in Aspen cannot be matched. Sourcing fresh, local ingredients, our kitchens are led by some of the most accomplished and creative hands in the culinary world. Home to the annual FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, Aspen hosts chefs and vintners from around the world, influencing our dining scene with global flavors. Nightlife ranges from après ski, outdoor concerts, live performances, films and lectures at the historic Wheeler Opera House to today’s most influential bands at Belly Up

Art and Culture 

Group and wedding attendees can take advantage of exciting community-wide events year round in Aspen.  Our special events give you the option of creating something extraordinary for your meeting.  Aspen is home to its own contemporary Aspen Art Museum, Theatre Aspen, the Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Aspen Film Festival, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen and many more cultural offerings. Aspen hosts numerous events throughout the year, including live music for all tastes, art openings, lectures and sports competitions with talented individuals from all over the world.


4th of July Parade Waiver


PARADE STARTING/STAGING: The parade will begin at 11:00am. Parade positioning is “first come, first serve” and line up begins no earlier than 10:00am. There is no entry fee and the parade is open to the public. All 5 lanes of Main Street, from Aspen Street to 2nd Street, will be closed to all traffic & designated for parade staging only. Power is not provided in staging area and remember generators do need gas.

PARADE ROUTE: The parade will start East on Main Street. It will turn South onto Hunter Street, then West onto Cooper Avenue. The parade will continue West on Cooper Avenue to Galena Street. At Galena it heads North for 2 blocks before turning West onto Hopkins Avenue. The parade will continue South on Mill then West on Hyman Avenue. Parade participants will be directed to disperse at Hyman and Monarch Street.  PARADE JUDGING: Parade judging will take place in front of the Hotel Jerome. Participants will be limited to 1 minute or less for any performances in front of the judges. Security will be onsite monitoring all entries to help prevent gaps in the parade route. Recognition will be awarded to the best entries in the following categories: 

Most Patriotic | Most Humorous | Best Animal | Best Music | Most Outrageous | Best Children’s  


  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited during the parade.
  • Candy, favors, etc. should not be thrown from your float/vehicle during the parade. This is for the safety of the spectators and to prevent children from running out into the street. 
  • Water balloons will not be permitted. According to city ordinances, those caught throwing balloons will be removed from the parade and could face citations and/or arrests. 
  • All parade entries must be in “good taste” and will be allowed in the parade per the director’s discretion. 
  • Maximum height restriction for any float entry is 13’5”.


The undersigned organization has elected to participate in the Fourth of July parade sponsored by the City of Aspen and Aspen Chamber Resort Association (“ACRA”). In consideration for City of Aspen and ACRA allowing the undersigned to participate in the festivities, the undersigned has read, understood, and willingly agreed to the terms of this INSURANCE LIABILITY AGREEMENT and WAIVER AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (collectively referred to herein as “RELEASE”).


                                    Participants are required to carry insurance adequate to cover any liability for damage, injury, economic loss, or other liability that may be incurred by individuals and/or organizations during the Fourth of July parade. All participants agree to carry such insurance, and also agree not to submit any claim against the insurance of City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, or anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade.


                                         The undersigned understands the potential dangers that could be encountered in participating in the Fourth of July parade. The dangers include, among other things, dangers relating to vehicular and pedestrian traffic; crowds of persons in close proximity to such traffic; animals that may react unpredictably in a parade environment; celebration and recreational activities; loud and unexpected noise; items that may be thrown to and from the crowd in connection with the parade; and other dangers traditionally associated with parades.  Understanding those risks, the undersigned for itself and for all persons who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade with the undersigned, does hereby agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and release City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of action (including attorneys’ fees and costs) that are related to or are in any way connected with the undersigned’s participation in the parade. By signing this RELEASE, the undersigned intends to extinguish any and all liability and to indemnify against any loss on the part of City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade for any injury or damage of any nature (without regard to negligence or fault) to the undersigned and to all persons who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade.

                                      The undersigned warrants and represents that it will not invite or allow any person to participate in the parade unless such person is bound to the terms of this RELEASE. To that end, the undersigned agrees that it shall take any steps necessary to secure agreement of such persons to the terms of this RELEASE, and that it shall be deemed a responsible person within the meaning of C.R.S. § 13-22-107 and § 19-1103(94) for all children who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade.


   I am the official representative of the undersigned organization. On behalf of the organization, I acknowledge our responsibilities as set forth above. I also accept on behalf of the organization all of the terms and conditions of this



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