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Cristal Logan

Cristal Logan, Vice President & Director of Aspen Community Programs at the Aspen Institute is responsible for creating and overseeing year-round public programs for the Aspen community. Since joining the Institute in 1999, Cristal has expanded the number of events exponentially.  Under Cristal's leadership, the Aspen Community Programs has hosted on average 60 program days each year for local residents, visitors, and teens. A fourth generation resident of the Roaring Fork Valley, Cristal participated in Leadership Aspen Class of 2000, and was one of the inaugural members of the Aspen Community Foundation Spring Board. She currently serves as Chair of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association Board, and has dedicated countless hours to local causes. Cristal is married to Mark Logan, Principal at Cadence Brand Marketing, and they have one amazing and wonderful son.

Cristal's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Summer:

  1. Summer in Aspen is pure magic, and the place to be is outside (unless of course you're attending one of the amazing programs at the Aspen Institute!). There are so many places to explore for people of all ages. I love spending time at the John Denver Sanctuary, reading the quotes on the rocks, and listening to the song that the river sings. To take a moment, or an afternoon, to enjoy this magical place is a true gift.
  2. FOOD & WINE Classic - What could be better than wine tasting, sampling creative and fantastic food, and learning? Doing all this under the backdrop of the most beautiful mountain town in the U.S. ...Oh, and eating fine cheese!
  3. I'd love to say that I'm an expert mountain biker, but I'm not - so, I love taking my mountain bike up the Elk Camp Gondola and riding downhill on the amazing trail system on Snowmass. This is such a fun family activity!
  4. Road biking to the Bells and Ashcroft is summertime bliss. The serenity, the wildlife, the ‘cycle therapy'... ahhh.
  5. Hiking the Ute Trail - The view, the rock formations, the wooded trail - this is Aspen. When you reach the top, you feel like you're on top of the world. ....and what a beautiful world it is.

Cristal's 5 Favorite Things To Do in Winter:

  1. Cross-country skiing to the Pine Creek Cookhouse for lunch is a wintertime tradition. Getting a group of friends together to go is so much fun. Winter wonderland finery...
  2. Aspen Snowmass has four distinct mountains, each with its own personality. Depending on what you're in the mood for, you can find it - my favorites are the Dumps, Kristi, Face and Shoulder of Bell (on Aspen Mountain), and on Aspen Highlands, Deep Temerity, Oly Bowl and Highland Bowl.
  3. To celebrate winter in the dark is to see things in a whole new light: moonlight. Ullr Nights on Elk Camp is a wintertime celebration for all ages, especially the young at heart. Riding the gondola at night and seeing falling stars, and general stargazing is icing on the cake.
  4. WinterskölTM in Aspen brings out the local color in town, and is a great opportunity to celebrate community and the people who have made it special. And having another occasion to celebrate skiing in Aspen-why not?! Sköl!
  5. Dinner in Aspen at any of the amazing restaurants is always better after enjoying a great day on the slopes.

4th of July Parade Waiver


PARADE STARTING/STAGING: The parade will begin at 11:00am. Parade positioning is “first come, first serve” and line up begins no earlier than 10:00am. There is no entry fee and the parade is open to the public. All 5 lanes of Main Street, from Aspen Street to 2nd Street, will be closed to all traffic & designated for parade staging only. Power is not provided in staging area and remember generators do need gas.

PARADE ROUTE: The parade will start East on Main Street. It will turn South onto Hunter Street, then West onto Cooper Avenue. The parade will continue West on Cooper Avenue to Galena Street. At Galena it heads North for 2 blocks before turning West onto Hopkins Avenue. The parade will continue South on Mill then West on Hyman Avenue. Parade participants will be directed to disperse at Hyman and Monarch Street.  PARADE JUDGING: Parade judging will take place in front of the Hotel Jerome. Participants will be limited to 1 minute or less for any performances in front of the judges. Security will be onsite monitoring all entries to help prevent gaps in the parade route. Recognition will be awarded to the best entries in the following categories: 

Most Patriotic | Most Humorous | Best Animal | Best Music | Most Outrageous | Best Children’s  


  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited during the parade.
  • Candy, favors, etc. should not be thrown from your float/vehicle during the parade. This is for the safety of the spectators and to prevent children from running out into the street. 
  • Water balloons will not be permitted. According to city ordinances, those caught throwing balloons will be removed from the parade and could face citations and/or arrests. 
  • All parade entries must be in “good taste” and will be allowed in the parade per the director’s discretion. 
  • Maximum height restriction for any float entry is 13’5”.


The undersigned organization has elected to participate in the Fourth of July parade sponsored by the City of Aspen and Aspen Chamber Resort Association (“ACRA”). In consideration for City of Aspen and ACRA allowing the undersigned to participate in the festivities, the undersigned has read, understood, and willingly agreed to the terms of this INSURANCE LIABILITY AGREEMENT and WAIVER AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT (collectively referred to herein as “RELEASE”).


                                    Participants are required to carry insurance adequate to cover any liability for damage, injury, economic loss, or other liability that may be incurred by individuals and/or organizations during the Fourth of July parade. All participants agree to carry such insurance, and also agree not to submit any claim against the insurance of City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, or anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade.


                                         The undersigned understands the potential dangers that could be encountered in participating in the Fourth of July parade. The dangers include, among other things, dangers relating to vehicular and pedestrian traffic; crowds of persons in close proximity to such traffic; animals that may react unpredictably in a parade environment; celebration and recreational activities; loud and unexpected noise; items that may be thrown to and from the crowd in connection with the parade; and other dangers traditionally associated with parades.  Understanding those risks, the undersigned for itself and for all persons who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade with the undersigned, does hereby agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and release City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or rights of action (including attorneys’ fees and costs) that are related to or are in any way connected with the undersigned’s participation in the parade. By signing this RELEASE, the undersigned intends to extinguish any and all liability and to indemnify against any loss on the part of City of Aspen, ACRA and/or any other sponsors of the parade, their officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees, and anyone else directly or indirectly connected with production of the parade for any injury or damage of any nature (without regard to negligence or fault) to the undersigned and to all persons who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade.

                                      The undersigned warrants and represents that it will not invite or allow any person to participate in the parade unless such person is bound to the terms of this RELEASE. To that end, the undersigned agrees that it shall take any steps necessary to secure agreement of such persons to the terms of this RELEASE, and that it shall be deemed a responsible person within the meaning of C.R.S. § 13-22-107 and § 19-1103(94) for all children who the undersigned invites or allows to participate in the parade.


   I am the official representative of the undersigned organization. On behalf of the organization, I acknowledge our responsibilities as set forth above. I also accept on behalf of the organization all of the terms and conditions of this



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