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Pat callahan & Julie lampton!



Aspen's 2017 WINTERSKÖL
Pat callahan & Julie lampton

2017 Wintersköl Queen Julie Lampton and King Pat Callahan are both charismatic and uplifting spirits who are well-known in the Aspen community. Julie is a dynamic woman who completely devotes her time to volunteering for local organizations such as the Aspen Institute, Aspen Film, Aspen Music Festival and School, Chris Klug Foundation, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Shining Stars, Wheeler Opera House, among many others. Not only does she volunteer her time for numerous causes, she invests herself in the people she meets in the multiple groups with which she participates.
An Aspen native, Pat’s integral role as Chief of Course in the Aspen Winternational (which includes the 2017 World Cup Finals), and his avid involvement with the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club make him the perfect fit as this year’s King. An intrinsic part of this town’s ski racing heritage, Pat has been honored with the Halstead Award, the USSA’s prestigious Coach of the Year award, and has served on several committees with USSA. 


2016 Wintersköl King & Queen
Tom and jody cardamone

 The 2016 Wintersköl King and Queen, Tom and Jody Cardamone have been instrumental in creating  the strong positive environmental ethic that characterizes the Aspen community today.
 They are  best known for their work with Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). Tom Cardamone joined his wife Jody (ACES’ first Director) as Co-Director in 1975, and later became ACES’ Executive Director  in 1982, a position he held until 2012 when he became President and Chief Ecologist.
 Among other accomplishments at ACES, Tom and Jody developed an education program in partnership with local schools and have supported education for generations of local children.
 Tom retains a  consulting relationship with ACES and is currently Executive Director of Snowmass Discovery, a start-up non-profit dedicated to telling the story of Colorado's most remarkable fossil discovery in a way  which celebrates this ancient treasure from the ice age and inspires stewardship of the future.


Past Wintersköl Kings & Queens:

2016= Tom & Jody Cardamone

2015= Duncan Clauss & Darcy Conover

2014 = Tom Anderson & Georgia Herrick Hanson

2013 = Travis McLain & Susan Cross

2012 = Ted & Christy Mahon 

2011 = Sam Ferguson & Marie Munday 

2010 = Kurt Bresnitz & Jackie Kasabach

2009 = Marian & Ralph Melville  

2008 = Eve Homeyer & Mead Metcalf 

2007 = Helen Klanderud & David Walbert

2006 = Tom & Carolyn Moore 

2005 = Leonard & Bamby Patterson 

2004 = Gretchen Bleiler & Steele Spence

2003 = Casey Puckett & Alberta Moore

2002 = Lenny Weinglass & Jayne Poss 

2001 (50th Anniversary) = Jack Depagter (Founder of Wintersköl) & Ellie Spence (1st Wintersköl Queen) 

2000 = Neil Bidelman & Gretl Uhl 

1999 = Amanda Boxtell & Chris Klug 

1998 = Klaus Obermeyer & Allison Scott

1997 = Miggs & Dick Durrance

1990 = George & Mary Gleason

1987 = Monica Lange

1986 = Susan Frailey

1985 = Linda Zarek

1981 = Annie Olson 

1970 = Sue Smedstad

1968 = Erika Brunar

1964 = Bridget Bagley now Mrs. Robert Kerr

1959 = Bente Larssen now Mrs. Eric Lawrence

1951 = Ellie Whitten (Spence)


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