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Odyssey Collective at the Red Brick

7/25/2019 to 9/9/2019
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
New works by John Cohorst, Chris Erickson, and Andrew Roberts-Gray
The Red Brick will be opening an exhibition on Thursday, July 25th from 5-7pm of works by  John Cohorst, Chris Erickson, and Andrew Roberts-Gray. This exhibition will feature mixed media sculptural and ceramic works, as well as large and small scale paintings. Working in close proximity at SAW Studios in Carbondale over the last few years, these three artists have experienced a significant exchange of ideas, techniques, and experimental approaches. Discussions of science fiction, the history of film, dystopia and utopia, and the philosophy and spirit of collaboration have been frequent topics.  This exchange has led to an outburst of creativity and critical interaction.  As the artists in the exhibit prove, “sometimes the long search for meaning and transcendence is best conducted as a band of brothers”.
The Red Brick Arts
Location Address: 
1460, 110 E Hallam St # 135
Contact Phone: 
(970) 920-5140


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