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Exhibition at Anderson Ranch: Pairs

11/4/2019 to 12/6/2019
Weekdays 9AM – 5PM in the Patton -Malott Gallery.
Join us for the reception of Pairs. Light refreshments and snacks served.
Works by Anderson Ranch Studio Coordinators
“While the opportunity for pun-making and humor certainly fueled our group’s initial attraction to our chosen theme and title, “Pairs”, it also held resonance within the work we are currently making. One thing containing two parts or two things matched together, pairing seems a natural inclination for the curatorial mind of an artist. Pairing is a way to put forth components that generate meaning by way of comparison, our instinctive want for two objects, forms or figures to converse. One part supports the other. The idea of a pair is ubiquitous, rife with opportunity for diverse interpretations and representations. “Pairs” features couplings by Anderson Ranch’s Studio Coordinators using photography, sculpture, ceramics, furniture, painting and performance.”
– Lauren Peterson, Studio Coordinator, Painting, Drawing & Printmaking
Anderson Ranch Arts Center- Patton-Malott Gallery
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5263 Owl Creek Road
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