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Ecstatic Dance Aspen

7:30 PM- 9:00 PM

Ready to try something completely out of the box?

Something that'll get you seriously sweaty, empty out your aggro, pump your productivity, boost your joy, and leave you peacefully still?

Ecstatic Dance is free form, conscious movement. It is an invigorating mind-body pratice of uncensored spontaneous dance for normal people just like you who love to dance. Just think of it as rockin' out to your favorite tunes at home, only So. Much. More. Imagine recess- grownup style- as a group of friends drop inhibitions and let loose; sparking the room into a dynamic, interactive and anything goes playground that celebrates total freedom of expression. 


7:30-7:35PM--- opening circle: tuning in, Ecstatic Dance intentions & guidelines

7:35-8:45PM--- Ecstatic Dance journey with a curated set list

8:45-9:00PM--- Sound Healing & Closing Circle

Location Address: 
77 Meadowood Drive
Admission Price: 
$15 Donation
Contact Name: 
Eliza Kane
Contact Phone: 
Contact Email: 


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