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Astronomy Nights with ACES


ACES invites you to Hallam Lake to look up and learn about the night sky! Each evening starts with a 15-minute lesson covering basic astronomy concepts, such as life-cycle of a star, reasons for meteor showers, what planets might be visible, or how phases of the moon work. After the mini-lecture, we will gather outside for the star-gazing portion of the evening. Aspen High School Astronomy Club member Ricky Woycik will be on-hand to guide you through the phenomena of the mountain night sky.

ACES Astronomy Nights are monthly gatherings on Monday evenings throughout the year with the goal of appreciating and better understanding the spectacle of the night sky. Join us for one evening or all of them - you will see and learn something different each time. 

November 13 - Phases of the Moon, 7:30pm
How is it that we see a different amount of the moon on any given night? What is our moon and why is it there? We’ll dispel some myths and learn new facts about our moon. If we're lucky, we’ll even see the full Supermoon tonight! 

December 11 - Zodiac Constellations, 7pm
Zodiac Constellations? Wait, are we talking about astrology or astronomy? Come learn about the Zodiacs, what they represent in astronomy, how to locate them in the night sky, and what Greek myths you may have heard about them. If we have a clear night, we'll be able to see a meteor shower with shooting stars radiating from the Gemini Twins!

Special Holiday Evening: December 28 - Understanding Zodiacs & Modern Calendar, 7pm
Join us for a brief review of the Zodiacs, before learning what they actually are. Zodiacs play an important role in the night sky and in human calendars of past and present. Occurrences like leap year, solstice, and equinox all have something to do with it... but apparently, there is a shift in space that actually makes the Zodiacs inaccurate?! Come discover why!

January 22 - Star Formation, 7pm
What is a star anyway? Have a look beyond the twinkling lights in our night sky and learn what makes a star a star! We will answer questions like: what are stars, how far away are the, how big are they, and what are they made of? Come join us to learn the basics of star formation. 

February 26 - Mighty Moons!, 7pm
What makes a moon, and why does it orbit a planet? Our planet has one moon, but how about other planets? Come learn about the many moons that we are able to see and explore! 

March 19 - Life beyond?, 7:30pm
Let’s have some fun with the ever-present question of… is there other life out there, or are we completely alone in the Universe? What do astronomers say about it and what do you think? Let’s take a look at the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox, both crucial things to consider when talking about the life beyond. And, since it is the Spring Equinox, let’s discuss in “space talk” what it really means when the length of day and night are equal.

April 23 - Space Time, Gravity and Black Holes, 8pm
Are you ready to absorb some mind-bending things that happen in our Universe? If gravity has ability to change, does that affect and control time? What do black holes have to do with it and why are they confusing scientists everywhere? If it’s cloudy, we’ll have a fun time discussing what happens in the movie ‘Interstellar.” But if it’s clear, we’ll enjoy lots of shooting stars radiating from Lyra!

May 21 - Big Bang!, 8:30pm
What is the Big Bang and how do we know that it even happened? Come to ACES to explore the Big Bang theory and how everything in our universe came from it. If our Universe was “born” with the Big Bang, does that mean it will die some day? 


“Aspen’s night sky is very special and Hallam Lake offers an incredible spot to look at the beautiful stars and space that surrounds us.” -Ricky Wojcik

Please RSVP - each evening is limited to 50 people.

*Photography courtesy of ACES

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