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Christy Mahon

If only there were 55. In 2010, Christy became the first woman ever to ski all 54 of Colorado's 14,000ft mountains.

+ Christy's favorite things to do in summer
+ Aspen Hiking Trails

This is No Place for Ordinary

Defy Ordinary Life on Another Level

Your heart is racing, but you move at your own pace. One breathtaking step after another, you make your way to the top. All your worries and cares are behind you. Ordinary lives for tomorrow. This moment belongs to you.

Nothing is better than a great selfie, upload your best shot in Aspen to Instagram and use hashtag #aspenselfie

There are no Pictures of Ordinary

Defy Ordinary You

Picture yelling from the top of a trail and having the mountain echo your excitement. Or finding the perfect spot to people-watch Aspen-style, while eating lunch at an awesome restaurant downtown. Today is reserved for the unforgettable moments you can't get at home. Seize them with a trip to the world's greatest mountain town, Aspen.

Mal Burks

Is an accomplished fishing guide for 12+ years. He knows a thing or two about our gold medal waters, from hatch and trout feeding patterns of local insects to secret pockets on the river. Able to speak Spanish, Italian and some Portuguese, he's a true Roaring Fork River renaissance man, ready to say \"Time to Fish\" in any language you like.

+ Aspen breakfast spots
+ Aspen fishing guides

Ordinary Sleeps In

Defy Ordinary Under the Stars

You've never seen so many stars. It's early, but you don't care. You don't want to waste a second of your vacation. Besides, you grabbed an amazing coffee on your way out of town. You're awake. You're ready. Today's the day you put your cares on the line and cast them into the river. What you get back will be extraordinary.

Dick Jackson

One of the first people to paraglide off Aspen Mountain. Crazy? Maybe a little. Back in those days you were thankful just to make it over the trees. One thing's for sure, Dick gave ordinary someone to look up to.

+ Go paragliding
+ Adventure dining

Ordinary Sits This One Out

Defy Ordinary Adventure

The sun peeks over the mountains on the horizon. You take a deep breath to settle your nerves, but these are the good kind of butterflies. The kind that inspired you to take a vacation you'd never forget. You have the world at your feet. The next step is up to you.

With Love and Food, the Experience is Everything

Ordinary thinks romance is dead. It obviously hasn't dined in Aspen.

+ Restaurant Experiences that Defy Ordinary
+ Locally grown

Ordinary Makes Reservations

Defy Ordinary Dining Like Never Before

Like most things in Aspen, dining can be an adventure too; from a romantic picnic at the top of a scenic vista to fine-dining at one of our award-winning restaurants. Here the experience is almost as important as the food. With more than 80 eateries in downtown Aspen, every block of our town brings old favorites together with fresh menus and new talent to provide enough culinary options to please any palate.

Ordinary Conquers Nothing

Defy Ordinary Outdoor Adventure

You're riding on the edge of control, but strangely you feel at home here. As the river rushes below you, you can't help but gaze in awe towards the sky at the sun-kissed cliffs above you. The water moves you on a whole other level up here. This is the rush you've been searching for. Ordinary conquers nothing, but you do. Starting with this river run.

Aspen - Defy Ordinary

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