Wedding Wednesday: SocialLight Photography

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Everyone knows that a wedding would not be complete without memorable photos, which is why this week's feature spotlights SocialLight, a custom photo shoot and photo booth experience. We caught up with Lucas Zielasko, a photographer at SocialLight, to better understand the company's style. 

ACRA: What is SocialLight?
Lucas: SocialLight is a custom photo shoot experience that combines the quality of a professional photo shoot with the spontaneity of the classic photo booth.

ACRA: What inspired SocialLight to join the Aspen wedding scene?
Lucas: We wanted to provide a fun and entertaining experience for people alongside well-lit, high-quality images that they can cherish.

ACRA: How would you describe SocialLight's style?
Lucas: We have combined the spontaneity and instant gratification of a traditional photo booth with the professionalism of being photographed by a live photographer.

ACRA: What are your favorite wedding moments to capture?
Lucas: We like to capture the bride and groom once they have had a moment to "let their hair down" and relax. Once all of the official parts of the ceremony are completed, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy each other's company and have a good time. We love capturing those silly and spontaneous moments.

ACRA: Do you have any favorite venues to shoot engagement or wedding photos?
Lucas: We love working at all of the venues that Aspen has to offer. Whether inside at the St. Regis Ballroom or outside at the top of Aspen Mountain, there is certainly no shortage of breathtaking venues.

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