Wedding Wednesday: Michele Cardamone

This week’s Wedding Wednesday post is a guest post from Michele Cardamone, a local Aspen photographer.

I live in a beautiful destination resort and we attract many large and well-organized events put together by very talented and creative event planners.  But it is the small and intimate weddings that I really enjoy photographing.  I thrive on the connection that I make with the bride and groom and I feel that every photograph I take reflects this relationship.  As a photographer, it is important to capture the traditional moments and the classic shots from the wedding ceremony and the portraits of the wedding party and family.  However, it is the in-between moments and the quiet moments that make for the most moving imagery and allow for those standout photos that I strive to create.  With fewer people involved in the wedding, the day is less stressful and the bride and groom are much more relaxed.  Rather than being burdened with too many forced poses, just a little direction allows the real connection between the couple to unfold and I can capture some really unique and special imagery.

Another benefit of a smaller wedding (under 150 people) is that I’m often very involved with determining the best time and location of the wedding.  As a photographer, I can help the wedding couple make decisions that will consider the best time and place for the location of the ceremony so that the light will be magical, the location will be gorgeous, and the resulting photographs will be stunning.  Especially in the mountains, the time of year will dictate the most beautiful location for the ceremony.

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